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New #CigarArt ready to hang on your walls

Turn that ho-hum, empty wall space into a celebration of the cigar lifestyle.

‘Alec Bradley #CigarArt’ wall art has been designed to proudly hang anywhere a cigar is enjoyed. Twenty-nine limited edition styles of canvas were produced in small quantities, per style, for the inaugural release. They will be available to retailers and consumers alike.

“Cigar smokers are passionate people,” said Alec Bradley President, Alan Rubin. “They want to immerse themselves in every facet of the culture. You will find our Red Badge hanging all over the place. We thought it was time to create something else our fans could proudly display.”

‘Alec Bradley #CigarArt’ will be available to purchase at Authorized Alec Bradley Retailers across the country, as well as on the Alec Bradley website.

Three sizes will be available for purchase- 18” x 18,” 18” x 36” and 36” x 18.” MSRP for the 18” x 18” pieces will be $39.95 per canvas. MSRP for the 18” x 36” and “36 x 18” pieces will be $49.95 per canvas.


For more information on ‘Alec Bradley #CigarArt’ or to find an Alec Bradley Authorized Retailer, please visit our store.

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