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Fine & Rare HJ10-I hits stores!

Bringing you something special just in time for the holidays.

The Fine & Rare is as much of a holiday tradition as eggnog and elves on shelves. Premium cigar enthusiasts across the world have been waiting with bated breath to see which iteration of Fine & Rare would be released in 2016.

The wait is finally over! The HJ10-I blend is making its third appearance onto tobacconists’ shelves worldwide. The contents of this fine cigar are what make it so special. The 6 x 52 ring parejo boasts ten different tobaccos ranging from 3 years aged to 6 years aged. All are blended together to make the masterpiece that is the HJ10-I.


Aficionados will find seven different rich and flavorful filler tobaccos hailing from Jalapa and Esteli, Nicaragua and the Trojes Region of Honduras. Pulling the blend together is an impressive Trojes and Esteli double binder. Finally, the piece de resistance is our silky smooth, proprietary corojo wrapper from Trojes.

A complicated blend like Fine & Rare can only be entrusted to a single duet of master rollers. Each cigar is carefully made and then adorned with a band bearing the names of the rollers, supervisor and principals of Alec Bradley Cigar Company – Alan Rubin & Ralph Montero.

The Fine & Rare has been a holiday time release since its inception in 2011. After critical acclaim and popular demand, we felt that 2016 was the year to reintroduce the HJ10-I. Though the cigar is medium-to-full bodied, we blend for flavor; so it’s balanced, smooth and very approachable.

Over the years Fine & Rare has taken on multiple shapes with different blend designations. Though size, strength and flavor profile have always been unique- a cigar bearing the moniker “Fine & Rare” always has ten different tobaccos.

“The thing about a limited release is that it’s here and then it’s gone. We want to get the HJ10-I into the hands of smokers that both remember and love the cigar, as well as those who may not have had the opportunity to try it in the past. The holiday season is the perfect time to share cigars with friends and family or find some time for yourself to enjoy something special. The Fine & Rare HJ10-I will be there to take that experience and enjoyment to the next level, however you decide to partake. Live True!” – Alan

Only 2000 boxes exist. Visit our retail finder to find your box today.

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Brian Annis4 days ago

I am visiting Fort Lauderdale next week and I would like to know if you give tours at your facility in Dania Beach?

Alec Rubin4 days ago

Hi Brian,

We don’t usually do tours but if you’re going to be in the area, please feel free to call our office
at 954.321.5991 and you may be able to come in for some espresso coffee with us.



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