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A Glimpse of hope in honduras

Five years ago, our friend Adin Perez established a non-profit private school in Danli Honduras in order to help under privileged kids.  The school runs primarily with the help of teachers and community volunteers and provides young children the opportunity to “learn by doing” in environments that are nurturing and fun. Hungry children also get highly nutritious snacks every day. The education program is supported by the local community and government. 

Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the hemisphere and the work we do is truly needed.  Over half of the population are children.  Many are hungry, neglected, abused, and or abandoned.  The people of Honduras, however, are beautiful, friendly, and inviting of our assistance. 

Adin, working to make things better…

Since it’s founding, the school has helped over 400 children by providing a free Pre-K education, meals and healtcare services without receiving any government funding.

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