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Introducing Sanctum: Find sanctuary in a fine cigar

The Alec Bradley family of cigars has been known to get and keep people’s attention. Since the very beginnings in 1996 to these last few years we’ve managed to live true and hold fast to what we believe in. Plus we have had an amazing time doing it too!

We know our family of diehard fans, cigar buyers and new recruits everywhere have been busy working hard to keep their heads above water in recent times. We know sometimes you just need to escape the stress, if only for a little while. A few fleeting moments of solitude. Well, wait no longer, because sanctuary is here. Our newest cigar, “Sanctum”, has been added to the ever-expanding line of Alec Bradley’s fine cigars and, as you can imagine, is everything you’ve been hoping for.

Here are the smoky details…

This cigar boasts the finest tobaccos from four different nations. Wrapped in a gorgeous Honduran Corojo wrapper, this piece of work has a great amount of spice to it. The binder is from Costa Rica, the filler composed of prime Colombian, Nicaraguan, and Honduran tobaccos. This blend is a superb balance with a medium-to-full body, certain to commandeer the senses! It’s certainly difficult to picture this cigar without it being paired up with choice drinks and exquisite company or perhaps even enjoyed in perfect solace, all to yourself, alone. (If you should be so lucky)

Sanctum is available right now in Robusto 5 x 52, Toro 6 x 52, Gordo 6 x 60, and Double Gordo 8 ½ x 60  –  Find the perfect size for you at your local cigar retailer!

In the not so distant past we stepped into the new millennium, our social media guns blazing. Be it on the road at cigar shows, online through messages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or good old fashioned email, our family is essential to our success and we are far better connected than ever before.

We’ve also put some “fresh paint” on our image through our newest advertising campaigns; our multi-media and tailored design work. We’ve had more appearances in world class cigar mags like Cigar Aficionado and Cigar Journal and also a cameo in the recent Hollywood film, “The Kingsmen” (watch Prensado Interview HERE). We feel (and have always felt) that a true cigar lover deserves a powerful, unique and well-balanced experience. That is precisely why we are extremely excited about presenting this new cigar to you and hope to continue doing so for many coming years.

Remember, we won’t be satisfied until you reach out and connect with us, whether it’s making a post on Instagram with your fresh box of Sanctums or shaking our hand at a show. Releasing Sanctum gives us a proper excuse to smoke and chat, and get to know you better. After all, you are essential to every single thing we do here at Alec Bradley.

Thank you!


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One Comment

Bob Sarkisian27 days ago

The double gordo is a beautiful cigar. I was a lover of Fuentes’ Canones until this Sanctum. The taste is complex, but very important to me, is the beauty of the wrapper. Where this is chocolately smooth, the Canones is toothy and rough. I’m a fan, and this is the first Alec Bradley I’ve ever had!

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