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GateKeeper Alec & Bradley - cigar on a desk with keys and a whiskey glass

Sip and Smoke with Alec Bradley

Nothing elevates a good bottle of whisky like a great cigar.
And Alec Bradley crafts some of the finest hand rolled cigars in the world.

Alec Bradley at the WhiskyX

60+ whiskies.
Only one Alec Bradley.

With dozens of whiskies and bourbons to enjoy, WhiskyX is the ultimate whisky tasting event. Especially since Alec Bradley will be there. Stop by our booth to learn about some of our favorite pairings and receive a free Alec Bradley Gatekeeper Cigar – plus meet brand ambassador Bradley Rubin at select events.

See Tour Dates

WhiskyX Tour Dates

The WhiskyX Chicago
at Morgan MFG
Chicago, IL
Thu, March 21

The WhiskyX Brooklyn
at Industry City
Brooklyn, NY
Fri, May 17

The WhiskyX Los Angeles
Location TBD
Los Angeles, CA
Thu, Oct 10

The WhiskyX Las Vegas
Location TBD
Las Vegas, NV
Date TBD

The WhiskyX Houston
at Silver Street
Houston, TX
Sat, Nov 9

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Alec Bradley Uncut Series

Uncut Series

The “Uncut Series” pairs hand selected Alec Bradley cigars with high-end, single barrel Bourbons and Ryes.

Keep an eye on Bourbon Outfitter for the next ultra limited-edition pairing.

Visit Bourbon Outfitter

Past Collaborations
  • Alec Bradley Uncut Series Batch 1
  • Alec Bradley Uncut Series Batch 2
  • Alec Bradley Uncut Series Batch 3
  • Alec Bradley Uncut Series Batch 3

Alec Bradley Double Broadleaf & Starlight Rye Whiskey Cigar Batch

Sold Out

Alec Bradley Black Market & Rebel Cask Strength Bourbon Single Barrel Select

Sold Out

Alec Bradley Gatekeeper & Starlight Single Barrel Bourbon Finished in Vino de Naranja Casks

Sold Out

Alec Bradley Fine & Rare BCN-143 & EverNorth Essence Bourbon

Sold Out

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