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True Family


Right from the start, the cigar making process is a labor of love. Thousands of seeds are planted in seedbeds, but only the very best are transferred to the planting trays in the greenhouses. After a period of supervised development and precise care, our family will select only the best of the best, most robust, and strongest seedlings that will actually make it to the fields, ensuring they will endure the elements and become mature tobacco plants.

Our passion runs deep; the love of agriculture and farming starts us off in the right direction.


Our family takes great pride in selecting only those beautiful wrappers, quality binders and fillers for classification. The leaves are sorted by color, size, and type to be de-stemmed to begin the aging process in bales. After a time, the leaves will go through a final selection and sorting to begin the rolling process.


It’s tough to put into words the precision, dedication, and expertise needed to make a cigar. Each of our rollers is paired with a buncher. The buncher will roll the filler and binder, and then place the finish bunch into a mold. Once the bunch has been rotated several times in the mold and has taken the proper shape of the cigar, then the roller will finish the cigar with a selected wrapper for that specific brand. Our family takes pride in their work and it shows.

Quality control is of the utmost importance and each person involved holds this in high regard throughout the process.


So much time and dedication goes into producing each box. The creation of the box design, artwork, and style takes into consideration each brand’s personality. Our family takes this concept and turns it into reality at the box factory. The packaging dept. takes each cigar and wraps them individually in cellophane and places them into those beautiful boxes. The final product is truly an absolute work of art, ready to be shipped from our family to you.

The passion doesn't stop in Central America. We then take that passion and work hard to ensure that every one of those beautiful cigars will make it right into your hands.

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