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Safe Keepings

Alec Bradley Safe Keepings is the first rediscovered recipe “kept safe” in the Alec Bradley founder’s blend book. Nicaraguan leaves from the most prestigious fields

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Working with Ernesto Perez-Carrillo opened the gates to new tobaccos and experiences. This partnership has granted the opportunity to branch out and try something a

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American Classic

This cigar was inspired through reminiscing about the simpler times of yesteryear. The cigars of past seemed to be hearty – yet, polished on the

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American Sun Grown

Sunlight plays an important role in the growth and profile of tobaccos. Using 100% sun grown Nicaraguan tobaccos, we blended to the palates of the

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Tempus Natural

“Listen to the tobacco, it will tell you when it’s ready.” When we first tried a special estate grown premium tobacco from Trojes, Honduras, it

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