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Why Essential?

Here at Alec Bradley we strive to stay connected with our extended family. With factories full of hard working people and patrons worldwide, we cannot disconnect, not even for a moment. Our Essential campaign opened the doors of our company to show everyone who we really are and expose our heart and soul. We love what we do and our whole team is part of why we love doing it.

Since the start of Alec Bradley, we have made every effort to treat everyone with respect and kindness, and we are humbled by the fact that we have been treated in the same way.

Essential members of our family stretch from our teams in the US, Canada, and Germany, to our factories in Central America and the Caribbean, to all of our great retailers and consumers around the world. The word “Essential” was carefully chosen to show that every person is a vital part of the life blood that runs through our company. Like we said in our first ad at the beginning of 2015…

“Nearly 250 people are responsible for the creation of an Alec Bradley Cigar. It would be impossible to do it on our own. Not one of us is more essential than the other.”



We produce cigars and bring people together. We have for almost 20 years, but somehow it seems like we’re just getting started. Thank you all for believing in Alec Bradley, and being part of our family, to make this company what it is today. We will continue to work tirelessly so that each moment smoking an Alec Bradley with your family, friends or colleagues is a special moment.

We are so very thankful for everyone who believes in us, and this is why YOU are Essential.

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